CouponLime helps you save money with coupon codes at over 200,000+ stores.

Not Using Chrome?

CouponLime notifies you when there are coupons available to use.

CouponLime is a free browser extension that works on over 200,000+ stores from big brands to smaller niche stores. New stores are always being added so that you can save more anytime and anywhere. We have also optimized CouponLime so that it works fast and does not slow down or lag your browser.

Just click to copy the coupon code and use it during checkout.

Applying a coupon code should be easy. You just need to click to copy the code and you can use it right away. We make it easy for anyone to use our extension without having to learn anything. Both new and experienced shoppers will have a great user experience with CouponLime.

You just saved money in less than 10 seconds!

We are always finding new coupon codes and learning which codes work best for you. We are also always improving our extension and technology through user feedback. This means that CouponLime gets better the more you use it. So go ahead and give CouponLime a try today!

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